On the one hand we have always been convinced by our concept; on the other hand we considered it our duty to become active in entrepreneurial involvement ­- by our own volition and at our own risk. That way, we could contribute in helping the economy recover.

Until today, we have created seven job positions within our own company; five of those in our German headquarters, the other two in our 2005-founded Austrian branch (in Bodensdorf/Villach, Carinthia). Depending on the actual case we are working on, we join our forces with other service providers that we have already been in contact with for several years.

What we do for you – in Germany and all over Europe

We have specialised in procuring the right applicants for trained and executive vacancies for national and international companies all over Europe.

Based on advertisement-supported search that can, if necessary, be complemented by the A&A Aktivsuche (A&A Direct Addressing), we find pinpointed, fast and reliable solutions that are both cost-effective and of low risk for our clients. Our customers confirm that “we grasp the respective needs and convey the demands empathically and at the same time down to the point”. This is also true for our two other areas of business: 50+ and interim management.