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50Plus - the demographic development and its consequences

Since the 80s, the founders of A&A have been analysing demographic change and its impact on society and the working life. It is already very clear that it is necessary to keep older employees in their jobs or bring them back into them. Not employing people whose education took long and was expensive and who have great experience and praxis-oriented skills has been and will be a waste of resources.

Since the founding of A&A, it is one of our main goals to contribute to opening and keeping open the job market for that age group that will lastingly constitute the biggest share of the earning potential. With this, we are in line with the European Council that, by 2010, aims at “raising the total amount of employed people within the boundaries of the EU by 70 %” with an “increase of the employment quote of people aged 55 to 64 up to 50 %” as well as the prolongation of the “actual age of retirement within the EU by 5 years”.¹