The outcome of this enterprise will largely define the success of any retirement or health politics as well as the economic success of any company.

The competition for “young employees” increases, but so does the one for qualified “older ones”. On average, the age of employed people tends to grow, while, due to Basel II, topics like “human capital” and “force of innovation” become more important when allocating future credits. One of the decisive questions will be as to how companies will accomplish reaching and keeping the proper “mix of age”. ²

The age group 50+ is subject to many prejudices that may or may not be true.

Advantages like experience, resilience, loyalty, no over-ambitiousness together with supposed disadvantages must be compiled into an attractive, successful overall portfolio of labour. Also, the readiness to renew knowledge, mental flexibility and mobility must be acknowledged as a matter of course and payment understood as independent of age and seniority.