For one part, these interim managers are persons that A&A has been familiar with for years, and with whom customer-contractor relations have permanently been kept up. We are talking about independent companies, which have identified and determinately used the market chances of the interim management.

Our task is to understand your basic situation and to suggest you the one person from our pool of interim managers, who could, in our opinion, serve you best – also for being a critical companion. We establish the relations and stand for the quality of the suggested persons with our name.

The matters of contract will be negotiated directly between you and the interim managers, but we can accompany you as moderators up to the moment of the conclusion of contract and assist you in all economical matters. We do not charge a fee, but will be given a percental remuneration of the interim manager’s payment when the contract is concluded.

Beyond our own activities, we work together with Dr. Boysen Consulting GmbH in this business field. We highly appreciate how Dr. Boysen and his team competently and responsibly realise the client benefit.