Also, the present-day choice of job is often depending on what currently is “en vogue”. This results in certain qualifications being stressed while others to be hardly found in the job market. The demographically caused diminishing of employee potential aggravates this as well. Furthermore, there is a competition for the “best heads” in different industries and for certain profiles – on a European level, if not even wider. There is a trend towards a decreasing demand for employees opposed by too little potential of adequately skilled, experienced and ready personnel.

And in times of growth, this problem will grow as well. The professional and personal qualifications of employees, as well as the possibility to gain and keep the desired people for a company have now become a central factor of success. Staff decisions have become more and more mission-critical.

A tedious search for staff, that does not pay attention to the described realities, costs time and money and constitutes a risk that can hardly be calculated.