We help you in deciding whether permanently employed people or rather experts as interim managers should be searched. Maybe the generation 50+ should be given a thought, or skilled people from abroad should be addressed and integrated. Through our counselling and stringent execution of the searches, we are able to establish a peak performance in security when filling vacancies.

First of all, we will conduct a briefing with all the supervisors to find out what skills and personal prerequisites a future employee ought to fulfil in order to be considered for a position.

Already in this briefing, we decide on presentation appointments for suitable candidates. By this we optimise the project’s timing and improve the chances of success. Tailor-made search solutions

By the criteria worked out in the briefing we start with the concept of the vacancy ad. This includes its content, design and target-group-specific choice of media (print, online).

Our ads motivate and pinpoint – the decisive criterion, however, is not the quantitative, but the qualitative feedback.